What Does Bob Knakal Do?

Bob Knakal 2024

Bob Knakal

Chairman & CEO, BK Real Estate Advisors

Bob Knakal is a commercial real estate investment sales broker whose main objective is to provide each of his clients with as many potential options as possible utilizing market insights, cutting edge analytics and technology and 40 years of being on the front lines of the investment sales market in New York City to deliver optimal results, through flawless execution, of the assignments that he works for those clients.

For Bob’s entire career, going back to 1984, he has only sold buildings, only represented sellers, only worked on an exclusive basis and only worked on properties in New York City.

This straightforward and simple approach has allowed him to avoid conflicts of interest as all he tries to do each and every day is get the best possible results for his clients. An approach where he is creating a level playing field for the entire purchasing community and exposing the property to the widest possible audience of potential buyers, leads to him being agnostic as to who the buyer is. The entire objective is to get the best possible results for his client, the seller, and that has become a hallmark of his career.

His list of satisified clients is hundreds long and Bob suggests that the one question a potential new client should ask them is: “When Bob Knakal represented you and you left the closing table, were you convinced that you received the highest possible price you could have received?” The consistent answer to that question is “Yes” and that’s why the historical legacy of his career is what it has been.

In fact, in 2006 and 2007 appraisal firm Miller Cicero conducted studies that showed Massey Knakal’s sales were, on average, at prices 31.5% higher than the rest of the market. Miller Cicero had to stop doing the study because other brokers would not cooperate with providing information to them as they felt the company was advocating for Massey Knakal.

For four decades, Bob Knakal has been a seller’s best friend. If you are thinking about selling an asset in New York City, you should give Bob a call. He can always be reached at 917-509-9501.